Change Is Good!

Dear loyal readers,

I am writing to you in regards to a BIG, NEW, and EXCITING change I will be making to my blog very soon. As you all know, I have primarily used this blog to post all of my art-related thoughts and experiences as well as some work-in-progress pictures and so on. It has become increasingly clear to me that my time is better spent creating art than writing about it, and let’s face it, the reason everyone follows art blogs is to what? See art! So, I will be converting this blog into the vehicle for my BRAND NEW comic* called,


which is about a cat-like character (don’t worry, it’s not like Garfield) who strongly resembles the person writing this blog (ahem) and her adventures in daily life. This comic has been a fun challenge and is a good breakaway for me from the usual work-week. I also believe that, blog-wise, you guys will be getting more bang for your buck, meaning that I am hoping to give you more art, more often, in a fresh and creative format. I am aiming to produce these once a week. Whether or not it will happen is another story, but I’m up for a change, aren’t you?

If you are thinking, “No! I like seeing works-in-progress!” never fear, I am moving all WIPs and art-related snippets to my Twitter, which you are free to follow. Thanks for the continued support, and I hope you will join me on my new adventure!



*I don’t mean “webcomic.” I know it’s a comic and it’s on the web, but I feel like webcomics carry a certain stigma (not bad!) that my comic just isn’t to me. It is really an artistic experiment in storytelling, character, spontaneity, and a bit of stream-of-consciousness balled into an art form that happens to have panels. So, I don’t really know what it’s called, but for now we’ll call it a comic.


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